Hello, I am Julio Martín, a scientist and an experienced professional in management of innovation and team leadership for business (“business and playmaker scientist”).

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”

Steve Jobs

Through 29 years of experience in the R&D of a multinational pharmaceutical company, I have been able to develop skills to combine Science and Business Management, two worlds apparently opposed and difficult to reconcile. The first in search of disruptive innovation, the second pursuing operational and business excellence. The transformation of a scientist into a team leader is not a natural journey and requires personal reinvention and training. Yet the result is extremely gratifying: the harmonious integration of knowledge and thinking areas compartmentalised a priori, combining Sciences and Humanities with the aspiration of social progress through transformations based on knowledge and collaborative work in high-performance teams.

Biochemist by training and discoverer of innovative medicines by professional career, throughout my life I have maintained the same scientific motivation: to explain biological complexity through the laws of Physics and Chemistry. Contain Biology in a mathematical model. Simplify the complexity. 

I have played basketball since I was 9 years old and I have never quite given it up. It has been one of my passions. My position: playmaker. Then came my vocation as a scientist, which made me grow professionally. I recently realised the connection. If I had to define myself in two words, I could say that I am a “playmaker scientist”: an innovative scientist with leadership skills, playing for the team and supported by training and continuous improvement. I have never lost the enthusiasm for learning and feeling like a beginner. About 10 years ago I started studying music and playing the clarinet, an instrument with one limitation: you can only play one note at a time (monophonic). When I started playing in a band and felt the power of harmony, the enjoyment multiplied. Like when I played in my basketball team, like when I work in multidisciplinary, inclusive and diverse professional teams. “Help Me, Help You”

My team management style places people at the helm, seeking responsible delegation, self-organization and sustainable growth of the individuals and their talent. I believe more in establishing a “culture” than a “strategy” (“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, Peter Drucker). I am motivated by fostering scientific engagement and transmitting the knowledge acquired through advice, consulting and teaching. From scientific dissemination to teaching of academic courses. This vocation is what has led me to launch this blog. I invite you to embark on this journey that we will do together.  Likewise, if you have some issue you would like to consult, have a look at the CONSULTING page and let me know. I would be pleased to help you.

Our Declaration of Intentfor the blog

  • Review basic scientific knowledge to apply to the management of people organisations and business processes.
  • Apply the structure of scientific thinking and method in the analysis of the issues to be studied.
  • Open a space for the exchange of ideas and scientific knowledge in management.